The front side of the tiles include all the varieties of stars and the reverse side will be open space.

Comets, Asteroids and Meteors are what you will find in this space set.It’s hard to imagine all the things that fall from the sky or through the sky but with this set you can certainly create the experience for your own space odyssey.Crafted in vibrant colors this set is a must have for your Space adventure.The fronts of the tiles are loaded with the imagery of space bolides and the reverse provides additional open space tiles for your use.

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Seraphim Recomentation 726

Space - Planets & Moons

Planets & Moons are what you will find in this 70 tile map set. The front of the tiles are filled with a variety of...

Price $19.95

Seraphim Recomentation 736

Land - Streams

The Streams set includes 70 double-sided tiles and allows you to introduce water in various shapes and sizes to your...

Price $19.95

Seraphim Recomentation 741

Sea - Harbor

The Harbor Set includes 70 double-sided tiles. With these beautiful tiles, you can transition from your Sea...

Price $19.95